Little League (Majors and below) The bat shall not be more than 33" in length nor more than 21⁄4" in diameter. All non-wood bats shall be printed with a BPF (bat performance factor) of 1.15 or less. Composite barrel bats are prohibited unless there is a waiver. View the waiver list 

No Metal Barrel Bats on MLL Fields on Sundays

Hi MLL Families!

Please select this link to see a message regarding use of the fields on Sundays. 


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Today's Games  
A Red Sox   12:00 AM
CA A Yankees MLL A-...
Minor White Sox   9:00 AM
SLL AAA Giants MLL Mi...
AA Jays   9:00 AM
TC AA Giants MLL AA...
TC Minor Yankees   10:00 AM
Minor Pirates Tri-Ci...
CA A Pirates   10:00 AM
A Marlins Cupert...
A White Sox   10:00 AM
A Rays MLL A-...
T-Ball Yankees   10:00 AM
T-Ball Indians MLL T-...
CA T-Ball Royals   10:00 AM
T-Ball Cubs Cupert...
T-Ball Twins   10:00 AM
CA T-Ball Angels MLL T-...
Major Tigers   10:00 AM
CA Major Blue Jays MLL Ma...
SLL AAA Yankees   10:00 AM
Minor Phillies Sarato...
CA Major Giants   10:00 AM
Major Royals Cupert...
Minor Diamondbacks   12:00 PM
SLL AAA White Sox MLL Mi...
T-Ball Mariners   12:00 PM
T-Ball Cardinals MLL T-...
T-Ball Rangers   12:00 PM
T-Ball Braves MLL T-...
AA Giants   12:00 PM
AA Orioles MLL AA...
TC AA Lumberjacks   1:00 PM
AA A's Tri-Ci...
SLL AAA Angels   1:00 PM
Minor Brewers Sarato...
CA A Orioles   1:00 PM
A Nationals Cupert...
Major Mets   1:00 PM
SLL Major Mariners MLL Ma...
SLL Major Rockies   1:00 PM
Major Padres Sarato...
AA Rockies   3:00 PM
AA Angels MLL AA...

Upcoming Games  
AA Jays vs TC AA Giants
Minor White Sox vs SLL AAA Giants
A White Sox vs A Rays
TC Minor Yankees vs Minor Pirates
Major Tigers vs CA Major Blue Jays
CA A Pirates vs A Marlins
T-Ball Yankees vs T-Ball Indians
CA T-Ball Royals vs T-Ball Cubs
T-Ball Twins vs CA T-Ball Angels
CA Major Giants vs Major Royals

Upcoming Events  
Reserved for CA
Moreland Little League Complex

Thu, 04/02
7:00 PM - TBD
Board Meeting
Moreland Little League Complex

Tue, 04/07
7:30 PM - 9:30 PM
Pictures and Hit-a-thon
Moreland Little League Complex

Sat, 04/25
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Board Meeting
Moreland Little League Complex

Tue, 05/05
7:30 PM - 9:30 PM