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As you may know, Moreland Little League is a 100% volunteer-run operation.  It takes a team effort on part of both players and families alike to create a season full of fun life-long memories.  Board Members, League Officers, Managers and Coaches volunteer countless hours before, during and after the season to ensure that league runs successfully.

We can't do it alone, however.  It takes the effort of our entire adult membership to provide our children with the type of Little League experience they deserve! 

To that end, one of league's major fundraisers is the snack shack.  Each player must have 1 parent/guardian serve a snack shack shift during the season.  You may be thinking, "not the snack shack!!!"  Believe it or not most parents find the snack shack is a fun way to meet and bond with other parents and interact with kids in the league as they come to get their refreshments after the game.   If for some reason you can not work a shift in the snack shack a buy out option is available during registration.

In addition to the snack shack we ask that parents/guardians volunteer in areas that help the league over all.  

President - Conduct the affairs of the League - including business aspects, manager/coaching selections, resolving disputes, working with the school board and neighbors, attend District 44 meetings, run board meetings etc. 

VP of Operations - Coordinate the day to day affairs of baseball operations, prepare and coordinate annual league calendar, review and propose bylaw changes and much more!

Player Agent - Primarily responsible for running the draft for upper division, conduct tryouts, ensure rosters are kept up to date, attend to any issues concerning the care and well-being of all the players in the Minors up through Juniors, getting pool players and filling roster openings that happen in the middle of the year (i.e in the case of injury)

Lower Division Player Agent - Similar as Player Agent - Actually good training for Player Agent! There are not tryouts, so this person assigns players to each team in each division.  And handles any player specific concerns. 

Treasurer- Keep league financial books, handle deposits and withdrawals, prepare annual budget, prepare annual financial report

Scheduler -  responsible for developing league game schedule for the season for T-Ball thru Majors, including interlock with other local LL if required.  Can be part of another position or independent.  If you like solving puzzles, this is the role for you!

GroundsKeeper - Responsible for the care and administration of the MLL grounds - we have beautiful fields - make sure the MLL and the Miller complex are maintained.  This includes not just the fields but the complex in general. Ensure teams know how to prep and tear down the fields. Works with the President and VP of Operations to determine if fields will be closed due to weather. 

Umpire in Chief - responsible for the recruiting, training and scheduling of umpires.

Equipment Manager - responsible for procurement, distribution and return of equipment for teams and umpires.  (including baseballs!) Responsible for procuring end of season medals, trophies, all star plagues and other awards as required. 

Uniforms and MLL apparel coordinator Procure uniforms for the season and all stars. Help coordinate an opportunity for families to buy MLL apparel.

CIO - responsbile for maintaining league website both technical as well as information updates, manage annual online registration for the season, generate registration reports and ensure league rosters are up to date on site.  Maintain league Google and Drop box environments. 

Fundraising coordinator - coordinate league fundraising activities, run annual fund raising event, get league sponsors. Come up with great new ideas to raise funds

Secretary - recording league activities and board meetings, maintain activity list of board members and officers. 

Safety Officer - Ensure the league operates safely, complete annual safety report, educate and provide training on safety as required to coaches, managers etc.  Report incidents as required. 

Tournament Director - Oversee District 44 and Section tournaments hosted at MLL.  Ensure facilities are ready, snack shack is staffed, fields prepped, score keeper identified etc.  These tournament happen in June and July.  

Background Check coordinator - collect volunteer applications and run background checks through LL 

Head Scorekeeper - Provide training on baseball scorekeeping and Game Changer to all team scorekeepers for Majors and Minor divisions.  Set up Game Changer for each season for Major and Minor division.  Resolve scoring/stat disputes. 

Registrar - Run registration for the new season, ensure payments are received, coordinate boundary verifications, answer registration questions

Snack Shack Coordinator - Responsible for running the snack shack! Including inventory, volunteer scheduling, what will be served, cleanliness of snack shack as well as restrooms

Division Commissioners - Ensure managers are identified for each division, set tone of division, review specific division policies, rules.  Answer coaches and manager questions.   Communicate and set tone for the year with parents. 

Coaching Coordinator - ensure that training is available for all coaches and managers, hold work shops, answer questions