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2021 2nd Place District 44 Juniors All Stars


Tournament of Champions!

Tournament of Champions has begun. Come out and support your Moreland Champions as the battle to be top in District 44. 


6/17 - Majors Athletics vs Sunnyvale at Wilson Field in Cupertino at  5:30pm

Also, if you are looking for some volunteer opportunities to help support both TOC and All Star events please click the link bellow


Frequently Asked Questions (This will continuously update)

How will Uniforms be handled for the 2021 Season? As registration has closed uniforms for all teams are being ordered! We anticipate receiving uniforms and getting them to the players week of April 12th! 

Parent Volunteerism: As communicated previously, Volunteerism is the lifeblood that makes a league and season happen. This year we continue to charge upfront a $150 fee for volunteerism. For the parents and guardians who are able to donate their time, and in addition to the traditional needs the League and Season have requested from volunteers, additional measures related to (but not limited to): sanitization, cleanliness, contact distancing while being mindful of the neighbors in the neighborhood will be needed as it relates achieving the TEN (10) hours of time per family. In other words - be it Team Parent, Crossing Guard, etc. we will also ask volunteers to help with crowd control, contact distancing, mounting signs, cleaning facilities and more. Those who choose to donate their time will receive this $150 back. And for those who do not have the time to volunteer - 100% understandable. Again, as a non-profit the way this organization will function is by people donating their time or their funds. 

How many Players will be on a team during the Red Tier phase? (3/24/21 - Santa Clara County has entered Orange Tier; MLL is awaiting guidance and guidelines related to youth baseball and Orange Tier)  Minimum team size will be 9. NO MORE THAN 14 PLAYERS PER TEAM; Coincides with SCC Mandatory Directive for Youth and Adult Recreational Athletic Activities Guidance posted Here: 

How will teams be transitioned for Game Play? As of March 24th, 2021 Santa Clara County has transitioned to Orange Tier status. We are following the guidance from the CDPH. Full details can be reviewed: 

Will We Have Opening Day Ceremonies?  As of March 24th, 2021 SCC is in Orange Tier. While restrictions are less prohibitive than more stringent tiers, we are "soft launching" our season on Saturday, March 27th. Once we progress into April the thought is to host a "We're Back" after the county reaches an Orange Tier (provided the guidelines allow us to do so) in a safe and contact distance manner for everyone to enjoy. More details to follow! 

Will Moreland Little League Teams Play Other Little League Teams? Yes! Our league is currently working with other leagues within District 44 to arrange "interlock" games. Our Scheduler, Commissioners and Board are hyper-focused on getting our season in place and underway while also working with other leagues to institute time frames on when we would start to play each other. More details to follow. 

Will there be signs posted at the fields? Yes, and this was initially completed 2/13/21. The MLL BOD and Volunteers (YOU) will engage and post signs accordingly. Please review the portion related to 2021 Volunteerism for MLL in 2021

Is COVID-19 Testing Required? Per the CDPH most recent updated FAQ posted 3/22/21:

"Testing is required for some sports and strongly encouraged for others. Because football, rugby and water polo are high-contact sports that are likely to be played unmasked, with close, face-to-face contact exceeding 15 minutes, weekly testing is required for all participants age 13 and over and coaches in counties with a case rate between 7 and 14 per 100,000. For competition, test results must be made available within 24 hours of play. Outdoor moderate-contact sports, such as baseball, cheerleading and softball, can be played in these counties without the testing requirement"

What Else?  For at least the first few weeks starting 3/27/21 we will:

  • Rope off Dugouts and Bleachers for players, coaches, managers and team parent usage only
  • Players should bring their own glove, helmet, bat, water bottle and snacks for practices and games
  • No catchers gear to be issued for TBall and A Ball
  • Sanitizer to disinfect the MLL issued catchers gear for AA through Juniors will be used on any shared MLL issued gear
  • Parents and family should bring chairs and view from the sidelines and/or outfield; we are not allowing parents or spectators to view the game from the stands or bleachers at this time
  • Request team parents and volunteers to assist with social distancing application (meaning: masks for parents and non-players, ensuring spectators are away from the dugouts and bleachers, etc.)
  • We will have hand sanitizer and zip ties for all fields - one for each dugout - that will be zip tied to the fence 

For now, MASKS are REQUIRED for:

  • Players not playing on the field or in the expanded dugouts
  • Managers
  • Coaches
  • Assigned Team Parents 
  • All Volunteers 
  • All Spectators 

Will there be a Snack Shack? At this time the Moreland Little League Board of Directors and Officers are hyper focused on launching a 2021 season in Red Tier state. The goal is to have an operational Snack Shack as we progress from Spring to Summer. That said, for now we are saying that the Snack Shack will not be in operation in the month of March, 2021 

Watch This Message from SF Giants Gabe Kapler


Soft field opening inflight. Moreland Little League fields will start being used based on the Santa Clara County Health guidelines starting Saturday 2/13/2021

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! Currently Seeking Board Members

6/17/21: We are actively looking for the following MLL Board of Director Roles for the Remainder of this season and beyond; please email or for more information and/or if interested:

  • Umpire In Chief 
  • Lower Division Commissioner 
  • Snack Shack Coordinator 
  • Equipment Manager
  • Volunteer Coordinator 

Parents - please check in with the Team Parent, Managers and Coaches for information on what you can do to volunteer.  You can also email if you are interested in volunteering or have questions about what you can do! 

The Resumption of Baseball, in addition to coaches, requires the time and talent of many dedicated off-field volunteers.  If you are interested in helping out by becoming a board member or coordinator, please contact


The loading zone on Eastus is for dropping players only. Do not park in the loading zone between 8 am - 8 pm, and never park in front of crosswalks or driveways. Park in designated areas only or you will be ticketed. There is an additional parking lot on Marilla, and street parking along Doyle. We have received reports from neighbors stating cars partially blocking driveways. PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL OF OUR NEIGHBORS! 

2021 MLL Safety and Regulatory Information

Please see the UPDATED MLL Safety and COVID-19 Preparedness Document HERE

The California Dept. of Public Health Youth Sports Q&A Document has been updated. Updates have been made March 17th, 19th and 22nd. Please CLICK HERE  to review all details. 


Moreland Little League is proud to promote events for and with our partners who share the same core values as we do. Please check back here often for updates! You may also see these promoted events in our Calendar and Events section of the website. 


LEGENDS BASEBALL will be hosting 2021 Summer Baseball Camps in the West San Jose area and offer you a $100 OFF discount code!!!

They are offering 3 sessions in the West San Jose area: (final location either at Prospect HS, Moreland LL or another field in close proximity)

  • Session 1: June 28 - July 2 
  • Session 2: July 12 - July 23 (Wednesdays OFF)
  • Session 3: August 9 - August 13
  • Times: 9am-3pm
  • Ages: 7-13 (perfect for beginners & all stars) 
  • Cost: $395 for 1 week camps | $795 for 2 week double header camp with the $100 OFF MORELAND100 discount AND $100 OFF Early Bird Discount. Save $200! Expires March 1st

CLICK HERE to reserve your summer pod with FREE cancellation and changes

Enter discount code: MORELAND100 


If you’d like to learn more about our 2021 summer camp program, please CLICK HERE to watch a 15 minute webinar where I introduce the history, details and mission of Legends Baseball Camp.


If you have any questions whatsoever, feel free to reach out to David Klein directly by text or mobile at 650-387-4427! 



What a Day!! One of our select few partners - LEGENDS BASEBALL hosted a clinic at the MLL fields today. There were TWENTY-FOUR baseball future stars out with some of the most amazing coaches and instructors  spread across multiple fields and distanced while being close enough to be right in the mix!! 

Visuals are HERE

Massive THANK YOU to Skipper David Klein, Coach George Peters and the rest of the Legends staff!!! It's beginning to feel  a lot like Baseball Season!!! 

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